37th UAW Constitution Convention

Day 1

Monday, June 11, 2018 

I have attended many UAW Constitutional Conventions during my years as your Union Rep while working in the plant! This is the 1st year to witness it from the writer's view!  As I sit in the area for LUCA Representative I think back to the years in the bleachers as an  Alternate Delegate, on the main floor as a Delegate and now from the right  side of the main floor as a Representative of Local 735 Retiree's official website and The LUCA!

To give the opening remarks was our own Region 1A Director, Rory Gamble!

Charles Hall, Director of Region 1, introduced The Honor Guard. Then introduced The Region 1A Choir to sing The National Anthem,  Region 9A Choir to sing The Puerto Rican National Anthem and Herb Taylor to give us a starting prayer!

 Gary Casteel inrerduced The IEB, International Staff and the Regional Directors. The Rules Committee. The Resolutions Committee., Credentials Committee, Time Keepers.

Day 2

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Today was a long day! Mostly what was going on was the reading of the submitted Resolutions,

This is a slow and sometimes boring event but a necessary procedure. There were 6 resolutions that concern the Retirees.


        That Retirees receive a lump sum bonas based on the Dues generated by the active workers profit sharing bonus


          That Retires be given the right to vote   on contract changes that affect retirement benefits.


          Local Retirees Chapters be eligible to send Delegates and Alternate Delegates to be invoked in the process of the Constitution Convention


          Associate Members have voice and vote at Retiree chapter meetings concerning chapter activities and elections 


          International Union:   25%

          Regional Retied Workers:   25%

          Local Union Retired Workers Chapter:   50%

Of coarse I changed the wording of the Resolution so that everyone could understand  them but this is the main points of the Resolutions that concerns our Retirees.

Please remember these are only Resolution and have to be debated and vote on. As the process goes on your Executive  Board will try and keep everyone up to date with these Resolutions. Myself, I feel these all  and will be great for our Retirees Members!

Day 3

June 13, 2018

Started off the day as we stopped yesterday, reading of the Resolutions, The Hall was in a great mood, balloons every where. After the Resolution readings we will then get ready for the Election of Officers!

We have a new President of The UAW International Union!!!

International Executive Board

          PRESIDENT: Gary Jones

          Secretary Treasure: Ray Curry

          Vice President: Cindy Estrada

          Vice President: Terry Dittes

          Vice President: Rory Gamble

          Trustee: Heather Keag

          Trustee: Roger Mark Wunderlin


          RegionF 1: Frank Stuglin

          Region 1A: Chuck Browning

          Region 1D: Gerald Kariem

          Region 2B: Rich Rankin

          Region 4: Ron McInroy

          Region 5: Vance Pearson

          Region 8: Mitchell Smith

          Region 9: Jeff Binz

          Region 9A: Beverly Brakeman

After a joyful IEB election results the Regions broke in to separate area to vote for their Regional Directors!

We, Region 1A, Delegates, Retirees and Media persons were invited to a dinner at tThe Motor City Casino Hotel's Grand Ballroom!

Day 4

Thursday, June 14, 2018  

Today started with Retiring President Dennis Williams congratulating the newly election IEB!

The new IEB and The newly elected Regional Directors were then sworn in!

The newly elected President spoke on in up coming fight for all of our UAW nation!