Sterling Mullins Chairman's Report

  1. Retiree Article September 28, 2017
I hope everyone has had a great summer and I know all of you are looking forward to winter. We have had a busy summer with all of our trips and events at the Local and it was such an honor to have so many members and spouses attend. We are selling tickets for our Christmas Party and the cost is $15.00per person, and we have a new location. It will be held at Burton Manor, at Schoolcraft and InksterRoads. We also will be having a chili cook off at our January meeting for all of you chili chefs out there. January is the month where your Executive Board puts together the schedule of events for the year. If you have any ideas or suggestions about events and trips, please contact us. If you need to contact us for anything, you can mail us at 450 s. Merriman road, Westland, MI, 48186-5048, In care of Local 735 Retiree Chapter. We are in the process of setting up our new web site. We will be getting our training for
this new UAW site at the end of the October, so hopefully we will be announcing activities and information on this site that affects our Chapter, the Region, and the International starting in November. I do wish to say how thankful I am of this great Local. The Executive Board is an outstanding group of Unionists and caring people that want to do the best they can for this membership without receiving wages. Local 163 president Ralph Morris and the executive board have made us feel welcome and let us know we have a home.  A big shout out to Vickie, the secretary, who will do anything that needs to be done to help us. Thank you Vickie, You are the best.
Finally, let me say thank you to the membership of this great Retiree chapter. We are n0w filling the hall with members on our meeting day. You always step up when we need charity done for others, and you are there when we need volunteers to help us out during events. It makes me proud to be your chairman.